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The Vision became Reality

Galerie Janknegt – Presentation

Galerie Janknegt was opened in September 2007 by Ronald and Edina Janknegt in the city of Hanau, Germany. The Gallery is multi-functional. Paintings on exhibition you will see in the
Presentation Room. The Tutoring and the Language School are placed in the Study.
Edina Janknegt’s Studio is in the largest room with lots of space for creativity, for painting and for
painting lessons.

The beautiful patio (Galerie-Garten) is the jewel of Galerie Janknegt. The green oasis is growing
and blooming in hundred-and-thirty pots. The combination of tropical and Hungarian flowers is
somewhat unusual, still stunningly beautiful. You will find here Passion Flowers, Angel’s Trumpets,
more than thirty Roses, about hundred-and-fifty Lilies, Cacti and various exotic flowers. This charming Garden is being watered by rain water. We made room for two bathing places for birds,
they are popular during the warm seasons. In the winter they find here food and shelter.

Our guests are always welcome to come to spend time outside enjoying the nature, the calmness
and drink a coffee or tea while reading a good book.

Our Event Calendar 2009 is varied. You will find the popular highlights like
‘Rose Festival’ or ‘The Evening of Love’, in addition we plan various exhibitions for international artists, weekend events and workshops.
Meeting the demand for artistic activities we offer different workshops. Everyone who loves nature
is going to enjoy these events.
The painting workshop ‘Four Seasons’ offers a great possibility to paint specific motives, landscapes,
plants and flowers according to the actual season.
‘Botanical Painting’ is on Saturdays in the studio of the Gallery. After a short guided tour through the Gallery Garden we will paint the chosen motives in detail.
You find hints in the Event Calendar 2009 about the times when certain flowers bursts into bloom. The garden is especially beautiful during these times. It is worth to visit us and have ‘Breakfast in the Garden’ or ‘Coffee and Cake’.
The project ‘House of Arts’ is a special project, we are going to have artworks in the whole house. Two exhibitions of Hungarian artists: Szilvásy and Janknegt on two floors.

These are our new opening times: Thursday - Saturday: 12 am-6 pm
Sunday 2 pm-4 pm.
For further information please make an appointment..

We are looking forward to welcome You in Galerie Janknegt.

Edina Janknegt
Galerie Janknegt
Nordstraße 18, 63450 Hanau, Germany, Tel..00 49 6181 299 54 76, Cell: 00 49 173 34 600 94
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Galerie Janknegt – Events 2009

5.Dec.08-31.Jan.09 Artists from Jaroslawl – Artists from the Russian twin city of Hanau
8.Feb -22.March Project ‘House of Arts’- Art Project of six weeks
Two exhibitions on two floors: Szilvásy & Janknegt, ‘So far but so close’
5.April Arts by the River- Spontaneous art exhibition with local artists next to the
Castle Philippsruhe- in cooperation with Life in Hanau Society
19.April-31.May József Gombor – Exhibition ‘Fairyland in Hanau’
9.May-10.May Art Workshop ‘Orchids’* 10-2 pm & 4-8 pm .
Middle of May Roses’ Blooming- 30 Roses- A Symphony of colours and fragrances
Middle of May Lilies’ Blooming Asian Hybrids - Fireworks of blossoms ca.100 lilies
24.May Arts by the River- Spontaneous art exhibition with local artists
In June All Roses & Lilies in blossom- Breakfast* oder Caffee & Cake* in the Garten
6.June-7.June Rose Festival*; Literature, Music, Paintings & Delicacies made of Roses
End of June Lilies’ Blooming Oriental Hybrids, ca.100 elegant, giant, fragrant flowers
27.June The Evening of Love*, Dinner & Music for those who love among roses
In Juli Passion Flowers’ blooming
1.July-9.July City Hall, Hanau,’YOU are creative’ Exhibition with Life in Hanau Society
8.July Art workshop for the Family*: Joy and fun for everyone
26.July Arts by the River- Spontaneous art exhibition with local artists
In August Morning Glory’s Blooming & Angel’s Trumpets Blooming
August Summer Break
6.Sept.-31.Oct. Exhibition, Aline Filipp from France
16.September Anniversary Galerie Janknegt
31. October Exhibition, Edina Janknegt ‚Lustrum’
December Exhibition, International Artists

Art workshop ’Four Seasons’*; Events:
Winter: 14 February, Spring: 11 April, Summer: 4 July, Fall: 10 October.
The workshop is on Saturdays from 2-6 pm.
Botanical Painting*: Saturdays in the Studio (Guided tour in the Garden and painting the chosen motives)

*For these events a registration is necessary..

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Kunsthaus Hanau

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